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1: 2 horse wanted (Posted: 7/19/2018)

Posted by: Rebecca Blucher
Moseley   VA
Email: Rlblucher(at)
Need a light 2horse trailer in solid condition. Ex husband took horse trailer and truck, refuses to return it, and I need something as this winds thro... more
Price $4,500.00

2: 2005 Custom Fab 2H GN 7'6" x 7' HT-45177 (Posted: 7/19/2018)

Posted by: Donna Martin
Ruckersville   VA
Email: info(at)
2005 Custom Fab 2H GN 7'6" x 7' Straight Load, No Dress, 57" Side Ramp 16' in the horse area, Double Rear doors with ramp over, 2 Fans, Removable partition, All Aluminum, Alum floors with Mats, Escape Dutch Door, Truck Ht 57" GVWR 12000lbs, Empty Wt. 3290lbs Carry Cap. ... more
Price $11,495.00


3: 2002 CM 3H Slant GN w/Dress HT-56928 (Posted: 7/19/2018)

Posted by: Donna Martin
Ruckersville   VA
Email: info(at)
2002 CM 3H Slant GN w/Dress, 7' tall x 6'8" wide, 10'2" in HA, 3' SW in dress, Double rear doors, 3 drop windows, 3 vents in HA, Collapsible rear tack, Aluminum floor w/mats, Bridle hooks, 3 saddle racks, blanket bar, brush box, water tank - no pump, Dress insulated, AC ... more
Price $9,495.00


4: EBY 4 Horse Head to Head - Loaded (Posted: 7/19/2018)

Posted by: Neysa Bryant
Carrollton   VA
Email: info(at)
2017 BARELY USED Eby Loaded 4 Horse Head to Head w/ Large Center Aisle - $50,000 Stock # TC7698C This trailer has it all! - 8' tall; 6'11" wide; 34' long - this trailer makes (3) 10 box stalls - full swinging gates ahead of straight load horses - (2) 7,000# ... more
Price $50,000.00


5: 2000 Exiss SS/400 Event Aluminum 4 horse slant load gooseneck trailer (Posted: 7/15/2018)

Posted by: Lydia Cunningham
Elkton   VA
Email: mttopranch(at)
2000 Exiss SS400/Event Aluminum 4 horse slant load gooseneck trailer with drop down head windows and escape door. Step up with double swing doors and collapsible rear tack. Trailer is in great shape. 10400 GVWR, 5060 Curb weight. 7.5' tall, 7' wide, Dressing Room, Removable ... more
Price $12,995.00


6: 2019 EBY 6/7/8 Horse Head to Head (Posted: 7/12/2018)

Posted by: Neysa Bryant
Carrollton   VA
Email: info(at)
2019 EBY 6/7/8 Horse Head to Head - FULLY LOADED - $68,077

THIS TRAILER HAS IT ALL! If you are looking for an exceptionally well made trailer with all the bells and whistles, this is the one!

- 8' tall; 8'6" wide; 37'6" long

- 3 full box ... more
Price $68,077.00


7: 2002 Sundowner 4H Slant - Very Clean Inside!! (Posted: 7/11/2018)

Posted by: Neysa Bryant
Carrollton   VA
Email: info(at)
2002 Sundowner 4 Horse Slant w/ Clean Dresser - $13,000

Stock # TC5163C

This is a super clean 4 Horse that has been well maintained.

- 7'2" tall; 6'9" wide; 23' long

- steel frame (just cleaned, primed, undercoated); aluminum skin, ... more
Price $13,000.00


8: 2002 Sooner 4 Horse Gooseneck Trailer with large dressing room (Posted: 7/10/2018)

Posted by: Kelly borkowski
middleburg   VA
Email: kelly20118(at)
2002 Sooner 4 Horse Gooseneck Aluminum trailer in excellent condition. Original owner. Slant load, drop down windows, vents, rubber mats, collapsible/removable rear tack, large front dressing room. Recently inspected with new brake lines/brakes, bearings packed, lights ... more
Price $10,800.00


9: 2018 Gore 2H BP w/ Side Ramp - No Dressing Room (Posted: 7/9/2018)

Posted by: Neysa Bryant
Carrollton   VA
Email: info(at)
2018 Gore 2 Horse Straight Load Bumper Pull w/ Side Ramp - $15,925 (MSRP $18,300)

Stock # TC4305

This is a exceptionally well made trailer with a sought after side ramp but not the added length!

- 7'6" tall; 6' wide; 12' long

- ... more
Price $15,925.00


10: 2003 Trail-Et 2H BP (Posted: 7/5/2018)

Posted by: Neysa Bryant
Carrollton   VA
Email: info(at)
2003 Trail-Et 2 Horse Bumper Pull - No Dressing Room - $7,500

Stock # TC2304

This is a GREAT used trailer! It's in very good condition and it's HUGE!

- 7'6" tall; 6'6" wide; 14' long

- the stalls are 7'6" from breast to ... more
Price $7,500.00


11: Miley 2 Horse Bumper Pull (Posted: 7/2/2018)

Posted by: Karen Day
Concord   VA
Email: karenday1961(at)
Awesome bumper pull two horse trailer. Many improvements since I bought it a few years ago. Inside metal has been removed and the wood behind it has been replaced (metal replaced). The metal sides, ceiling, and other areas have been coated with POR (a stop rust sealant ... more
Price $3,000.00


12: PRICE REDUCED! 2002 Colin-Arndt 5 H GN Straight Load w/Dress HT-058021 (Posted: 7/2/2018)

Posted by: Donna Martin
Ruckersville   VA
Email: info(at)
PRICE REDUCED! 2002 Colin-Arndt GN 5 horse straight load stock/combo with side ramp w/dress, 7'6" tall x 8' wide aluminum over steel, wood floors w/mats, rear ramp, 1 escape door, 22' in HA, bridle hooks, 3 saddle racks, clothes bar, 4 fans in HA, water tank, solar panel, ... more
Price $17,995.00


13: 2006 (Posted: 7/1/2018)

Posted by: Ashleigh Fitzgerald
Triangle   VA
Email: ashhutch99(at)
For you your concentration, 2006 Stallion Horse Trailer by Homesteader. 4 Horse slant load gooseneck trailer. Located in Calverton,Va All Aluminum Exterior Aluminum Interior Wall Liner Aluminum Interior Ceiling Liner Aluminum Running Boards All Tubular Steel Frame ... more
Price $14,500.00


14: 1999 Sundowner, 3 horse slant trailer (Posted: 7/1/2018)

Posted by: Martha Teitelbaum
Troutdale   VA
Email: marthasmail712(at)
New sealed roof, windows, tires, wiring, interior with dinette, insulated. escape door, walk thru door, rear swing out tack. AC/Heat. call for more i... more
Price $9,000.00

15: 2006 Titan Avalanche 2-Horse Bumper Pull (Posted: 6/30/2018)

Posted by: Henry Longosky
Round Hill   VA
Email: cuhenry(at)
2006 Titan Avalanche, 2-horse trailer with bumper hitch. Trailer has a dressing room with saddle rack. Trailer equipped to handle an electronic braking system. Equipped with spare tire, lights, and stabilizer bar mounts (hitch and sway bars will be included). Four windows, ... more
Price $6,000.00


16: 2016 Delta GN Steel Stock Trailer 12' in HA w/4' Dress HT-40768 (Posted: 6/29/2018)

Posted by: Donna Martin
Ruckersville   VA
Email: info(at)
2016 Delta GN 12' in HA with 4' Dress, 1 cut gate, 7' tall x 6'8" wide, Wood floor in horse area, carpet in dress, cut gate, bridle hooks, RV door in ... more
Price $9,995.00


17: 1994 Kingston 4H Head to Head w/Dress HT-049108 (Posted: 6/29/2018)

Posted by: Donna Martin
Ruckersville   VA
Email: info(at)
1994 Kingston 4H head to head w/dressing room, 6' wide x 7'6" tall x 23'4" in horse area and 5' dress,2 side ramps, rear ramp with curtain doors, no w... more
Price $10,995.00


18: SOLD! 2010 Hawk 2H BP w/Dress HT-83281 (Posted: 6/29/2018)

Posted by: Donna Martin
Ruckersville   VA
Email: info(at)
SOLD! 2010 Hawk 2H BP with Dress 7'6 Tall x 6 wide, 10' Horse area, 5' dress, HAIL Damage, Wood floors with mats, Straight Load, removable Partitions, 2 Escape Doors, Tubular Head divider, solid shoulder, Bridle Hooks, saddle racks, Rear Curtains no windows, Ramp, No window ... more
Price $8,495.00


19: Bumper pull 2 horse trailer (Posted: 6/28/2018)

Posted by: Z. Hense
Lewes   DE
Bumper pull 2 Horse trailer with ramp. 1985 edition, well maintained. Comes with spare tire and removable rear top doors. Trailer located in Lewes, DE. New ramp was professionally installed, New salt treated floor. New tires this past winter. I was planning on keeping ... more
Price $2,400.00


20: 2001 Valley Stock Trailer (Posted: 6/26/2018)

Posted by: Emerald Equestrian
Fairfax    VA
Email: ursula(at)
2001 Valley Stock Trailer. ... more
Price $800.00

21: PRICE REDUCED! 2005 Adam GN 2H Slant Load w/Dress HT-01828 (Posted: 6/25/2018)

Posted by: Donna Martin
Ruckersville   VA
Email: info(at)
PRICE REDUCED! 2005 Adam all aluminum 2 Horse slant load GN. 7'10 wide x 7'6 tall, 16' Long,10' HA, Mangers, insulated tack room, 4'6" short wall, walk thru door to dress, removable divider, collapsible rear tack, 3 saddle racks, bridle hooks, boot box, double rear doors, ... more
Price $9,995.00


22: 2018 Adam 6/7 Horse Head to Head (Posted: 6/25/2018)

Posted by: Neysa Bryant
Carrollton   VA
Email: info(at)
2018 Adam 6 Horse Head to Head - $45,932

MSRP: $56,189

Stock # TC6183

- 8' tall; 8' wide; 33' long

- roof insulated in horse area

- full swing gates w/ human access door - creates box stalls

- converts easily ... more
Price $45,932.00


23: ADAMS All Aluminum 3 Horse with Living Quarters (Posted: 6/24/2018)

Posted by: Ashley Douzant
Warrenton   VA
Email: theframesporthorses(at)
All Aluminum Adams 3 Horse with Living Quarters.
Save money on hotels and sleep in your air condiitoned trailer!
Meticulously maintained and very little use, living quarters were custom made. Brand new tires, all LED lights, air conditioning, television hook up, ... more
Price $16,800.00

24: 2018 Adam Julite - Step Up versus Rear Ramp (Posted: 6/20/2018)

Posted by: Neysa Bryant
Carrollton   VA
Email: info(at)
2018 Adam Extra Wide Julite w/ 50/50 Rear Doors (no ramp) - $11,598

Stock # TC7392

This fabulous Extra Wide Adam Julite as 50/50 rear doors w/ sliding windows versus the standard ramp and top curtains. This step us design is perfect for those horses that ... more
Price $11,598.00


25: 2018 Extra Wide Adam Julite w/ Added Windows (Posted: 6/20/2018)

Posted by: Neysa Bryant
Carrollton   VA
Email: info(at)
2018 Adam Julite - Extra Wide w/ Added Windows - $11,799

Price $11,799.00


26: Extra Wide Adam Julite w/ Dalton Escape Doors (Posted: 6/20/2018)

Posted by: Neysa Bryant
Carrollton   VA
Email: info(at)
2018 Extra Wide Adam Julite - $10,799


Stock # TC7391

This is an exceptional value in ... more
Price $10,799.00


27: 2017 Hawk 2H BP w/Dress and Side Ramp HT-283262 (Posted: 6/20/2018)

Posted by: Donna Martin
Ruckersville   VA
Email: info(at)
2017 Hawk 2H BP with Side ramp and Dress, 7'6" x 6'8" x 19.4 Long, 7000lbs GVWR, Empty Wt. 3576lbs Carry Cap 3424lbs, Rumber Floors, Rubber in the dre... more
Price $19,995.00


28: 2+1 gooseneck (Posted: 6/17/2018)

Posted by: Rachel Adams
Augusta, WV   WV
Email: jumpembig2121(at)
1999 big valley gooseneck 2+1 trailer, step up with side ramp. Yup, the unicorn of trailers!. Have easy pulled 3 full sized horses in it. Floors, mats, breaks, lights ect all in great shape. Bearings have been recently packed and are the easy grease type. Tires are less ... more
Price $4,000.00


29: 4 horse trailer with full living quarters/Camper - GORE- (Posted: 6/13/2018)

Posted by: Kendra Porter
Blue Ridge    VA
Email: blueridgeeqfarm(at)
This is a great trailer!! One owner. Was custom built from the NC GORE plant. Fits my 18h warmblood well. ONLY selling because I am only carrying 1 horse to shows now. Spacious living area complete with den/sitting area (with fold out leather couch to a full bed and arm ... more
Price $16,500.00


30: 4 horse Sidekick Trailer, newly rennovated (Posted: 6/5/2018)

Posted by: Keith Byergo
Warrenton   VA
Email: byergoq(at)
Slant load with full living quarters, New tires,battery, reconditioned stove, frig, water system, air conditioner, exterior lights, wheels serviced, l... more
Price $17,000.00

31: 2016 Adam 2 horse bumper pull (Posted: 6/3/2018)

Posted by: Lexi Kurtz
Front Royal   VA
Email: kurtzlexi7(at)
2016 Adam 2 horse straight load bumper pull. Has rumber flooring, side ramp + loading ramp, extra large dressing room, and 1 escape door. Good ventilation with plenty of windows. Does have some damage on roof from a hail storm on, but does not effect usage of trailer, just ... more
Price $14,900.00


32: 2 Horse Trailer (Posted: 5/31/2018)

Posted by: Sarah Altman
Gordonsville   VA
Email: showcow2000(at)
"Pearl" is a 1979 Shoop 2 horse trailer. She is an older gal that recently had a face lift. She has an APRIL 2019 inspection, new tires, solid floor and ramp, and is looking for a new partner to travel with. This little trailer has been a project for me and I have have ... more
Price $2,000.00


33: Stock Trailer w/tackroom (Posted: 5/31/2018)

Posted by: Sarah Altman
Gordonsville   VA
Email: showcow2000(at)
1988 Titan 4 horse slant trailer. 3,933 lbs. empty, 18,000 lbs. gross weight. Floor is in good shape and matted. Step up with sliding rear door. Tack room has bridle rack and 3 saddle racks. All lights and brake work, tires is good shape. No rust! Used to haul cattle as ... more
Price $3,000.00


34: 2007 Collin Arndt 3h with Living Quarters (Posted: 5/6/2018)

Posted by: amanda bradford
Pocomoke City   MD
2007 Collin Arndt 3 horse trailer with 6.6ft short wall Living Quarters. Kitchen, bed, dinette, full bathroom. 8ft wide amd 8ft tall. Rear tack with w... more
Price $24,000.00


35: 2007 Gore 2H straight load gooseneck (Posted: 4/27/2018)

Posted by: Hillary C
Mechanicsville   VA
Email: hac3r(at)
2007 Gore 2H straight load gooseneck for sale. Extended dressing room, awning, and powered Jack's. Extremely low use, basically brand new condition!... more
Price $17,500.00


36: 1994 Trail-Et (Posted: 4/25/2018)

Posted by: Catherine Stimpson
Boyce   VA
Email: rosneystables(at)
1994 Trail-et horse trailer. 3 horse slant with dressing room, set up as a 2+1 side and rear ramps. Original owner, very well maintained ... more
Price $5,000.00


37: ****SOLD*****. 2008 sundowner 4 horse h2h trailer (Posted: 4/18/2018)

Posted by: Gina Riedmuller
Germantown   MD
Email: griedmuller(at)
FOR SALE: 2008 sundowner 4 horse h2h, power jack (the best feature ever), comes with dividers and gates to make box stalls. Can haul 5 comfortably or ... more
Price $22,000.00


38: 2001 FEATHERLITE 8541 4 HORSE GOOSENECK (Posted: 4/7/2018)

Email: AKMAN98178(at)AOL.COM
8541 big horse - rear tack, dressing room with walk through door, on board water tank. Current inspection. 7foot interior height.
Located in Zuni ... more
Price $9,500.00


39: 2006 EBY Victory 2+1 horse trailer (Posted: 4/5/2018)

Posted by: Knockgriffin Farm
Email: office(at)
2006 EBY Victory 2+1 horse trailer with a tack room. Extra tall, has been kept in garage it's entire life, in excellent condition with low miles. Lo... more
Price $20,000.00


40: Kingston Aluminum Horse Trailer-2 horse bumper pull (Posted: 4/4/2018)

Posted by: Patricia Wright
Lovingston   VA
Email: paris(at)
S O L D. Thanks for the inquiries. Aluminum 2 horse with big area in front of horses. Bumper pull trailer. Extra high, extra wide. Owner and horses are retired from showing. Big horses love to ride in this trailer. Oak lined walls and fantastic oak floor, movable center ... more
Price $4,500.00


41: TRAILET Meteor Slant Load 2 H w Dress for SALE (Posted: 4/2/2018)

Posted by: Wendy Jones
Round Hill   VA
Email: mnsolutions(at)
** SOLD** TrailET Meteor 2H Slant Load Bumper Pull Trailer for sale. (1998, refurbished by previous owner 2014, purchased by us 2015).

Impecable trailer. Lightweight (3500 lbs empty) but super sturdy. Rated to 7000 lbs. Aluminum on Steel Frame. Fibreglass roof ... more
Price $6,500.00


42: 2011 Adam 3-horse slant LQ 8ft short wall (Posted: 3/29/2018)

Posted by: Laura Murphy
Lovettsville   VA
Email: greenacresfarm1(at)
Coming soon!
2011 Adam 3 horse slant
Living quarters 8ft short wall
good condition
auto jack
sink, microwave... more
Price $25,000.00

43: 2001 2-Horse Slant Load Custom Gore Trailer (Posted: 3/27/2018)

Posted by: C I
Ashland   VA
GORE 2001 2-horse Slant Load Gooseneck trailer for sale. This trailer was custom designed to include a side ramp which is not standard on Gore's two-horse slant load models. At 7'6 tall x 6'9 wide, this trailer has been additionally outfitted with a rear ramp, LED lighting ... more
Price $9,500.00


44: Valley 3H GN Trailer w/ Dress (Posted: 3/26/2018)

Posted by: Logan Metesh
Berryville   VA
Email: lmetesh(at)
All steel - not aluminum! The slantload area for the 3 horses is 18-feet long and taller than most that I've seen. GVWR is 12,000 lbs.

Just... more
Price $4,250.00


45: 2006 American Spirit 3 Horse Slant LQ Horse Trailer (Posted: 3/20/2018)

Posted by: Karina Torres
7100 Jefferson Davis Hwy   VA
Email: karina88to(at)
ry weight 6600lbs.

34' overall length

8' wide

12' short wall LQ

Electric leveling, separate refrigerator and freezer, air
conditioning, heating system, integrated TV antenna,
CD/Radio sound system with internal and ... more
Price $5,500.00


46: Adams Julite 2 Horse BP Trailer (and truck) (Posted: 3/9/2018)

Posted by: Jessica Zarudzki
Catlett   VA
Email: equistar92(at)
Adam Julite Two Horse Bumper Pull Trailer. Great first trailer! Easy to tow. Spacious two horse with lots of room in front of horses for tack trunk, tack and bridle hooks. Removable head divider. Bumper pads all around. Screen windows. Locking doors with keys. Fans with ... more
Price $6,500.00


47: 2017 Lakota Charger Custom LQ For Sale (Posted: 2/23/2018)

Posted by: Flora Hillman
Round Hill   VA
Email: welshpair(at)
2017 Lakota Charger LQ. 22'3" long, aluminum 2 horse slant, 11'9" short wall. Full LQ. CUSTOM ORDERED, delivered new 11/2016, beautifully appointed. 7' slide out with 4 person dinette, 15' power awning, external lights. Bathroom is custom designed with water flush toilet ... more
Price $36,000.00


48: ISO TRAILER (Posted: 2/13/2018)

Posted by: Saoirse Myers
ashburn   VA
Email: saoirse_myers(at)
ISO 2 horse trailer Gooseneck or Bumper Pull Needs to be taller than 7'2"+++ ( BIgger the better in height as my guy is 17.2 warmblood) Doesn't nee... more

49: 2004 s&h westar 3 horse slant load trailer with weekend package (Posted: 2/9/2018)

Posted by: brad deane
ruckersville   VA
Email: brad(at)
2004 s&h westar 3 horse slant load weekender package a.c. heat shower toilet awning ... more
Price $8,500.00

50: 2016 Homesteader Stallion 2H BP trailer for Sale (Posted: 2/6/2018)

Posted by: Melissa Madagan
Stephens City   VA
Email: mmadagan(at)
Daughter leaving for college...price negotiable Silver, all aluminum exterior with steel frame. 2H, slant load, bumper pull with rear tack, rumber fl... more
Price $10,000.00


51: Sundowner 2H Slant Load (Posted: 1/25/2018)

Posted by: Sarah Campion
Thurmont   MD
Email: scampion22(at)
Sundowner Valuelight 2H slant load with front and rear tack, escape door and drop down window, 1997, in good condition (I am the 2nd owner, original owner used rarely), 4 brand new tires plus new spare, all electrical and brakes inspected recently and in working order. ... more
Price $6,500.00


52: 2003 Bison 4 horse with living quarters (Posted: 1/19/2018)

Posted by: Stephen Nunn
Lorton   VA
Email: Nunns01(at)
USED 2003 Bison 8408 Alumasport 8' wide 8' shortwall 4 horse with mangers. This trailer is very clean with lots of storage space. The options include 4 horse with stud wall on first stall and escape door. The horse area has lights and a rear loading light. There are 4 swing ... more
Price $17,500.00


53: 2002 Kiefer Genesis Gooseneck (Posted: 1/8/2018)

Posted by: Colleen Orta
Winchester   VA
Email: cam21f(at)
2002 Kiefer Built Genesis Gooseneck Horse Trailer ✔️ 2 Horse Straight Load ✔️ Aluminum ✔️ Two large b... more
Price $8,500.00


54: Trails West 3 Horse Slant Load BP w/ Weekender LQ (Posted: 1/2/2018)

Posted by: Audrey Dennis
Suffolk   VA
Email: audreydennis7(at)
2000 Trails West 3 horse bumper pull. This unique trailer has a rear tack with many bridle racks and a removable saddle rack, mangers in the horse box with storage underneath, a walk through from horse box to dressing room and a customized weekender living area. This living ... more
Price $9,000.00


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