Maryland Equestrian Classifieds: Reverse Slant & Travel 3 Horse WB Size Trailer, 8 ft Wide, 7.5 ft Tall, 6 ft Short Wall Dress Room, Many Extras

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Reverse Slant & Travel 3 Horse WB Size Trailer, 8 ft Wide, 7.5 ft Tall, 6 ft Short Wall Dress Room, Many Extras

Date Added: 7/16/2017
Posted By: Soraya van Asten
Ruckersville,   VA  
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Financing Available!

2004 Merhow Equilite Reverse Slant & Reverse Travel Option 3 Horse Gooseneck Trailer:

Custom Ordered Trailer with Lots of Extras,

Made for Tall/Wide Warmbloods, Reverse Slant, 8ft Wide, 7 1/2ft Tall, Fully Insulated, with Large Dressing Room (6ft Short wall).

Horses can travel facing Forward or facing the BACK, mine much preferred Backward ! And this way they just walked out of the trailer, no backing out :-)

Ask any professional horse transporter, they'll confirm that given a choice, horses prefer traveling backward :-)

Wide angle Camera and Microphone in horse area so can keep an eye on them on the video screen in the truck during travel (if your truck has a video screen & is wired to the camera in the trailer).

Merhow is a Top Brand horse trailer since 1956!

Horse Area Features:
*8ft wide, 7 1/2 ft tall,
*Horse stalls: 9ft long & 32in wide!!!
*70/30 doors for comfortable loading of large horses,
*Fully insulated (sides and roof full length of trailer),
*Interior recessed lights,
*Fan for air circulation,
*Stallion divider with upper grill for max. air flow but min. contact with others (also great for when use
1st stall for hay etc, it keeps neighbor horse "out"),
*TWO escape doors in 1st stall (one for horse or access to area if used for storage, one for access to
horse from outside or person to escape),
*Collapsible rear tack area with connections for removable saddle tree, extra bridle hooks and carpeted wall for sound reduction, and recessed light,
*Outside flood lights for night loading/unloading,
*Three large drop down windows with grills that can be lowered, and bug screens,
*The other windows are bus type and all can be slid open,
*The outside tie rings are on both sides of the trailer (6 total ties),
*For easier access to the drop down window latches there are two fold down steps, one on each side,
*Horse area floor is spray coated for moisture protection and rubber mats on top,
*Wide angle camera and microphone for viewing horses from truck during travel, a Great Safety Feature!

Additional Dressing Room Features:
*Fully insulated (walls & roof),
*Flood light over door for night time untacking, etc,
*Door has brush box,
*Removable saddle rack for 3 saddles (rack can move to rear tack area), extra bridle hooks & two bar blanket rack on carpeted wall for noise reduction,
*Big shelf above window,
*Floor braces under dressing room spaced to allow for water tanks (fresh, gray, black) for future option of a built-in "weekender" kitchen and bathroom,
*Three standard electrical outlets,
*Two 12 volt outlets (for 12v fan, charging cell/laptop, or 12v food cooler, etc),
*Padded storage bench with built-in electric converter box which also trickle charges the large
*Several large windows giving alot of natural daylight & three overhead lights for night,
*In the photos the saddles, camping table, small microwave, mattress was my setup and is to give an idea of how things can be arranged for camping.

Additional Features:
*Top of the line Torflex axles for improved ride and handling!
*NEW large deep cycle marine battery, space for a second one for when build-in weekender,
*4 tires essentially New and much better quality than originals with only about 3500 miles on them!
*Spare tire in good condition,
*Whole underside of trailer including under gooseneck area is spray coated to protect from road grime and winter salted roads.

Difficult to load horses will quickly learn that traveling in this trailer is Really Nice, especially if you have them travel backwards.

My horses LOVED traveling in this trailer & so will yours!

Im moving out of the country and unfortunately cant take my wonderful horse trailer with me

BONUS Items:
*Air mattress, small microwave, and small fridge!

GREAT PRICE for Unique Horse Trailer where Horses can Ride Forward Or BACKWARD !

Located in Ruckersville, Virginia.

If financing is desired please email for information regarding this option.

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