Maryland Equestrian Classifieds: Perfect 2004 Dream Coach 4h aluminum stock-combo

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Perfect 2004 Dream Coach 4h aluminum stock-combo

Date Added: 10/6/2017
Posted By: Betsy Burke Parker
Flint Hill,   VA  
Email Address: betsyp(at)
Phone: 540-364-2929

For sale.
Lovingly tended 2004 Dream Coach 4-horse aluminum stock-combo gooseneck with dressing room.
26' total length:
6' gooseneck
4' tackroom
Two 8' horse boxes
7.3 wide
7.6 high
Back door has a slider. Middle door.
Rumber flooring and up the walls.
Slide-in plexiglass panels for winter.
Tie rings, lots of extra rings for hanging haynets, water buckets, etc.
Custom front compartment 'divider' so horses can be separated as in a standard horse trailer. (Easy to install - 2 pins.)
Tackroom outfitted with saddle racks, bridle hooks, lots of extra hooks and hangers that I had installed.
Front part of gooseneck has a self-powered 40 gallon water tank - coiled hose included.
Good tires with tons of tread; great spare, never used.
There's room for negotiation - The trailer is clean, in perfect repair, ready to go, BUT, I mean (of course!) to power-wash and acid-wash it so it shines, and I need to get the right-side hub replaced (I had a tire blowout a few months ago, when it exploded, it knocked loose the back half of the hub. I had my guy carefully cut the dangling back half off so no one was scraped.)
I will take it to Blue Ridge Trailer Sales to get that repaired, BUT you're welcome to 'make me an offer' on an as-is basis and save yourself a few dollars. (The trailer can drive forever with the hub as it is, and without being power-washed!!)
Betsy Burke Parker
54 zero -364-2929 (landline)
betsyburkeparker at gmail dot com