Maryland Equestrian Classifieds: Microscope for Fecal Checks. Exc. Cond. Includes Fecal kits, slides. $110

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Microscope for Fecal Checks. Exc. Cond. Includes Fecal kits, slides. $110

Date Added: 2/8/2020
Posted By: carolina maclellan
macon,   VA  

This OMAX binocular biological microscope offers four magnifications - 4x,10x,40X and 100X. It is ideal for fecal exams, which cost $25 each when performed by a veterinary service. Save the expense. Know exactly who in your barn is a high shedder and who is parasite resistant. Check your own horses anytime, and as frequently as desired. Simply take a fresh manure sample using the fecal kit, set it up with fecal solution and a slide, and have parasite results within 15 minutes. Particularly helpful for settings where you might have entrenched strongle infestations and require repeated fecal checks. The old days of blind deworming are over, with ivermectin-resistant parasites now the norm. Having your own fecal check system completely changes parasite management and allows targeted and informed parasite control. This type of microscope is perfect for home school, teaching, demonstration,and any application up to 100x magnification. This microscope includes a box of about 35 fecal kits, a set of slides and glass covers. Shipping charges will be added. Ships from VA. Email for more info.

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